The Importance of Shipping, Delivery and Order Fulfillment for Online Business

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The first impression is always important! It’s just the same for an E-commerce business, getting it right the first time and each and every time after that is crucial to making your customers happy. A smooth transaction is what customers look forward to. A timely order fulfillment is a priority and crucial to the success of every online business.


Finding the right shipping service

Shipping can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong shipping partner and your customers may suffer a poor experience. There are many shipping services out there now. Find whats best for your business, but never give up service quality over getting a cheap service.

This shipping service has to be able to tailor a solution to suit your brand and which meets all your particular business needs and most importantly the service has to be an affordable one.

What to look for?

  • Can customize shipping
  • Prompt delivery service
  • Provides tracking
  • The option of worldwide shipping


A tailored delivery solution will work wonders

Try finding a shipping service that provides packages to suit the number of times you ship out items to lessen your costing. The last thing you want is for your shipping costs to eat into your profits. Find a service provider that can make delivering products to customers easy for you.

AVANA provides a flexible shipping feature that comes with our E-commerce platform. You can customize your shipping options according to your needs. What’s best is, we also have pos laju pick up service. This feature has just made selling online much easier. All you need to do is choose the date you want pos laju to pick up your item for delivery.

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Order fulfillment and good customer support

Make sure to have a support line that can respond to customers inquiry, you don’t want to leave your customers hanging after their purchase. This will only result in a ” no return” customer and bad word of mouth.

Other than that, how you deliver your products matter too. Make sure your packaging is presentable and keeps your product safe. Customers will not be happy to receive a product in a horrible condition, and worse still if its damaged. You can always check if your shipping service provider has good packaging that you can get at a lower cost, or you can always find a supplier that sells bulk packaging that would suit your products.

Also most importantly, always give your customers an estimated period of how long your shipping would take to arrive and to make it easier provide them with a tracking number so they can always check on their items.

So always keep in mind if you have good products but a lousy shipping service, business will not blossom. Good Luck!


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