The Freebies Spell: How Freebies Can Keep Customers Coming Back For More

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Repeat customers are the holy grail of any online business success and should possibly be number one priority. Profitability and growth are all well and good but neither come without garnering a base of loyal customers who keep coming back, particularly during times when business is slow.

Equally as important as attaining customer loyalty, is to acknowledge and reward them. Everyone wants to feel valued, and that applies to your customers too. They won’t continue to be loyal for long if they don’t feel like there is a need to purchase from you rather than your competitors.If you keep them valued, there won’t be a reason for them to change where they shop at all time.

The thought of giving away your product totally free can feel a little daunting. After all, someone has to spend on that, and when considering free samples, you as a business owner would have to eat the price. Nevertheless, don’t let that demotivate you because free samples can generate a great deal of sales for your business in time. In some instances, free samples have proven to increase sales by as much as 2, 000%.


How to use free samples for your online business:

  1. Giving out samples can be good in introducing your product to new customers that are unfamiliar with your brand.
  2. Giving out samples will encourage your customers to keep coming back for more. The more repeat customers, the more sales!
  3. Build greater relationships and show you value your existing customers. Now you may have many products, but not all customers will buy them all. Expand your shopper’s knowledge by giving out samples of products that they have yet to try.
  4. Join big events and participate in sponsorships as these activities can help a lot with branding. Give out free samples in goodie bags, with your brochure and details on your product and how they can contact you.
  5. You can also practice giving out free samples for every purchase that is more than RM50. This will encourage your customers to try to spend more.


It’s always a trial and error when it comes to online business. You will never know what works best for your business till you try it. Don’t do it all at once though, that’s gonna burn a hole in your pocket. Try one at a time and see what’s best for your customers and for your budget.

Remember not all businesses work the same way and no one should run their business the same way as others do.

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