The DIY Business: 10 Things to Make and Sell Online

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Malaysia has many unique handmade crafts which it’s famous for. Like the mengkuang purse which is made from bamboo, rattan, mengkuang, coconut shells and pandan leaves is a quite popular and unique craft in Malaysia. Another unique DIY is our kain batik which is made from using wax and dye on silk cotton fabric with variety of designs.

Making things from scratch, cultivating them by hand, and carving out a living by selling and trading them has been inceptive transactions of commerce in Malaysia. Commerce has then evolved in the past years with big changes, from manufacturing, experimenting and also a big impact from the internet. Selling online has become very mainstream nowadays. Now widely know as eCommerce.

Today, many AVANA merchants still produce hand made items or DIY items. They also still do sell the traditional way like at bazaars, craft shows and pop up shops.But with AVANA platform, its helps them display their handmade items to a wider range of people making it easier for them to target their audience which helps their businesses run more efficiently, letting them focus on what they do best – their crafts.

With this , users can now do crafting and selling without worrying if anyone would want their product. You just need to target the right audience when promoting your products.

Here are a list of DIY ideas that you can sell online:

1) Jewelry

Jewelry making can be a very fun thing to do, you can incorporate all kinds of colors into your work to make it stand out. Your jewelry making can be either a simple like using beads or woven bracelets or high skilled ones like silversmithing which might cost more. Choose your range you want to work on weather its necklaces, rings, earrings etc.

Jewelry is a saturated market, so you will need to do some homework on how you’re going to make your designs stand out from others.

2) Soaps or Bath bombs

These babies are an in thing now. People just go crazy for this colorful balls that do some magic in your bathtub. With YouTube available, you can easily learn how to make soap or bath bombs. This business require low creativity – so if you are one of them then this will be your thing.

Do some research and see what kind you would want to venture in. Who will your niche market would. Either your go more for fragrance, organic or for those with sensitive skin.

3) Curated Gift Box or Bouquet

People nowadays are more comfortable with online buying so much so that they even order gifts online. There are quite a number of sellers out there that do bouquet where you choose gifts you want to be put into a bouquet – ranging from chocolates, flowers & teddy bears. But if you can think out of the box and come up with a better idea of a bouquet why not?

We don’t see many curated gift box out there  other than the ordinary perfume set, wallet or makeup set. People like it when they have a wider range to pick and choose and put it into a box. So do some research on what would be awesome to package into a box for both male and female and if possible all ages to.

4) Painted Canvas

Now this can be great if you are good in painting or drawing. You can literally do this on tote bags, purse, shoes or even on t-shirts. All you need is to be creative and find a good local canvas supplier for your bag, shoe or t-shirt.

This business will base more on your own creativity or how artistic you are.

5) Natural Beauty Products

The market for natural products are increasing nowadays. More people are looking for homemade natural products that are much safer to use. If you are good in researching and testing out natural made products then give it a try. Start with something small or simple for an example, aloe vera face mask. But make sure your product is tested and does give benefit to people. They would not want to buy something they can easily get their hand on.

Come up with something that benefits them, something that people would need to use.

6) Iron On Patches

Patches has always been in trend from way back in time. Its best if you can find find a cheap printing factory that can print customized patches for you. This will be easy to market if you can customize patterns that will suit different age categories.

Do some research and come up with a list of unique designs for all different age range.Also if you can have an option for your customers to customize their own based on ( design or name) will be a better advantage.

7) Sweets / Bakers Confectionery

Desserts, cookies, pastries, cakes are essential part of many occasion. The demand for these things are always there. Its either you are good in making these or you’re not. So do some baking and testing with family and friends to see if this is something you would want to dive into.

This also comes with lots of room to get creative. The niche markets for this is quite straight forward : celebrations, holidays, custom, novelty, catering, and gift, etc.

8) Candles

Now is also another DIY product that has been in the market for centuries. Like with soap, there’s no shortage of DIY tutorials for novice candle makers, and basic melt and pour methods require little to no previous craft skills. Just get creative and make them looks beautiful.

Several niches to explore for this like: birthday, eco and natural, religious, scented, beeswax, and more. So try it out and see what you’re best at.

9) Traditional Handcrafting

Wood carving, embroidery, and pottery are all traditional mediums with thriving markets. Many of these require skills that are gained over time, but you can access your inner maker and learn these skills via online tutorials, workshops, and trial and error.

10) DIY Decorative’s

Decorative’s have a wide range. Just google it and the list is endless. You can use just about anything at home and turn it into a decorative piece.

Here’s some you can easily learn:

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Confetti Vase
  • Reuse of Plastic Bottle into Planter
  • Hemp Pendant Lamps

Again, do some research to see if there is any market for what you’re about to DIY.

Hope this list will help inspire you and bring out the creativity in you. Good luck!

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