The 4 Secrets of Hard Sell Copywriting

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Hard sell copywriting is mainly content that you publish to convert into sales directly. Once mistake people sellers often do with their copywriting is highlighting on solutions. There is no point of selling a solution if you don’t specify that you know your customer’s problem. You need to make them realize they need your you offer before providing them with the solution.

To help you recognize if your content is highlighting a symptom, your customers should be able to know that it is talking specifically about them without supporting content or images.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness consultant and you want to offer your service. So here is an example of how you break it down.




free consultation


“Feeling out of shape and unhealthy lately? Get a free consultation on how you can manage your weight and get into shape.”

So basically the 4 secrets to a good hard sell copywriting are:


  • Symptoms are identifying the small details that lead to the problem, for example, you have a throat infection so the symptoms are you have a sore throat and cough.


  • highlighting the problem your customer has, which above earlier was a throat infection.


  • to mention how you are going to help your customer, which referring to the above problem, the solution or cure is cough syrup.


  • The result would show what is possible for them to achieve with the cure, in this case, would be pain-free or healthy.

In this order bellow, you will start getting your customers to click on your Call To Action button.

  1. Here’s what you may have recognized (symptoms)
  2. This is what’s causing them (problem)
  3. This is what you need (cure)
  4. This is what is possible with the cure (results)

Symptoms not only get your customer’s attention in your copy, but they also build trust by showing your expertise and that you understand their situation.

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