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Here’s what Varent, owner of MOOD Malaysia had to say during our interview:

1. Tell us a bit about your business journey, how you came about deciding what to sell and how you got started?

Firstly i would like to clarify that MOOD Malaysia isn’t a Malaysia Product and it isn’t my own production. It is a Taiwan made product, and 100% imported from Taiwan, and I am the authorized distributor of this Brand in Malaysia. And I can say that today running this business in Malaysia started from coincidence & faith. I discovered this brand in Taiwan during my trip there last year,  that time I was shopping around in the mall and in a corner somewhere there was a FREE DEMO section to help you clean your shoe for FREE. I was so curious during that time and went to try, and the results surprised me and i was impressed. At that time the founder was there and we had talk, he then agreed to collaborate and for me to be a distributor in Malaysia. That’s how I start the whole business in Malaysia and how I brought it in.

2. Can you share with us when and how did you make your first sale? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you?

MOOD officially came into Malaysia in the beginning of JUNE, but it started to have PRE-ORDERS from May itself. I started my online business through Facebook platform. We have a Facebook page, and people place their orders there, make their payment and attached their payment slip and we then proceed to deliver out the parcel accordingly. After a few months later, I purchased my own company domain and started to seek for a proper e-commerce platform to sell my product. At the beginning I was wondering how should I create my website, where to create, and how much it will cost? And then I found AVANA and I realize there are a lot of PRE-SET e-commerce platform in Malaysia. I did a lot of research, and tried many different platform, eventually I choose AVANA. The reason is because AVANA can give me what I need in the simplest way and it meets my expectation. That is all I want.

3. Could you tell us how AVANA has helped your business? What features did you find most useful?

YES OF COURSE! It saved a lot of my time! My customers now can directly place order via website and I just check my order and proceed to delivery it the next day. And the feature that I like the most is the Auto Reply on Facebook post. It can even be used with my old posts before I started using AVANA. We can also customize what to reply to our customer, a few choices so that the reply will not look boring. It can even auto PM the customer after replying their comment on the post, it let us to keep in touch with our customers via PM for interaction. Some customer needs interaction before they decided to purchase something. So yea, it really saves a lot of time and make my business more convenient.

4. What advice would you give to those who are planning to start an e-commerce business?

My advice for those who would like to start their online business with e-commerce platform is to know what your business needs is. Different business need different feature for their e-commerce. Source for the platform that can provide you convenience and increase your sales. Try out all the trials first before you make your decision, and use it like you’ve already pay for the package, see how’s the outcome. The right e-commerce platform plays a very important role in your online business.

Watch the full interview here:

MOOD Malaysia – Shoe cleaner

You can find their none harsh chemical shoe cleaner here:

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