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Have you guys already heard of Whatsapp for business? This is really useful as businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

If you don’t already have it you can just go to your Play store on your mobile and look for Whatsapp Business.

The good thing about this Whatsapp Business is that you can display business details in your WhatsApp profile. Another amazing feature they have just added is, you can customize and automate your reply.

5 Awesome Features

Business Profile

You can now create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, and website. People will know that they’re talking to a business because you will be listed as a Business Account. Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number.


Organize your contacts or chats with labels, so you can easily find them again. Yes! this is an amazing feature, you can actually label your customers like for example if they have paid or pending payment and such.

Quick Replies

Save time with quick replies and reuse messages you frequently send so you can easily answer common questions in no time.

Automated Messages

Set an auto-reply message when you are unable to answer so your customers know when to expect a response. You can also create a greeting message to introduce your customers to your business. This is really useful if you have tons of messages coming in daily and don’t want your customers to feel like you are not responding.

Messaging Statistics

Review simple metrics like the number of messages successfully sent, delivered, and read to see what’s working and what’s not.

This app is totally free, it’s just a business version with better features for dealing with customers.

How To Get It?

  1. Download WhatsApp Business
  2. Register your number and follow the steps to complete and you can also retrieve your old data.
  3. Complete your business profile by clicking on the Menu > Settings > Business Settings > Business Profile. In this section, you can fill in your business name, email, website and business info for customers to easily get information about your business.


You are set to go! This app is completely free, so there is no disadvantage of using it. Give it a try.




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