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You see or hear so many different inputs about online business and it confuses you. Then you have online ads that tell you how easy it is to have a business or some even saying negative thing. Many myths about starting an online business, so today I’ll share some with you.

1. Start An Online Business For Free

Now seriously, how can anyone start an online business for free? You see those ads saying ” build your online platform for free”. Any online platform for that matter would surely cost you, yes some with a low fee and that makes more sense because there are service providers that offer affordable packages for small business owners. Any business surely requires at least some sort of investment to kickstart. The ads that say free or close to free is just a marketing tactic to prompt you into signup or buying.

2. Social Media Makes Selling Easy Peasy

Yes, social media marketing is he way to go nowadays, but it’s not ideal for direct selling. Social platforms are great for connecting with your target audience and building your brand, but less effective for direct selling. It also requires precise targeting if you want to reach the right audience that actually converts into buyers, not just simply leveraging your existing friends and followers which might not be the right audience for your business.

3. There is a tool for everything

Really? Well as high tech as we are right now, sadly not everything can be done using a tool. For example, you can use tools like Canva to do some basic poster designs, but you still would need a designer to do custom designing. Also, you cannot make the social media activity fully automated, and you’ll still need actual people in the customer support department. Online business maintenance is still dependent on people.

4. It’s not about what you know but who you know

This sure is something great if it was true! Some might be lucky though, getting into business knowing some well know people. But this doesn’t work for all, unfortunately. Skills, knowledge, and experience are very important in starting a business. Without any of this or at least some knowledge, how would one know what to do and where to begin? There are many successful business owners that who started with nothing, not knowing anyone and with just the right knowledge.

5. A large budget for online marketing

WRONG! Why spend so much if you know ways to market your business without throwing money. Yes, online marketing is good but you can also do so much more with social sharing ad still not spend a single sen.

There are alot of myths that people come up with now days, just make sure to do your research and do what you think is right.


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