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Create New Order feature

What this feature can do for you?

I’m sure we all still use the old school way of writing down our sales during an on ground event. And this is a very messy and unorganized way. Our add order feature lets you easily key in each sales which you will have and can refer to at anytime. So even if you run out of stock while you’re outside selling your products you will not have to worry about losing your customers or making that sale. The best thing about this is, being able to do double your usual sales! Yes, you wont be limited, you can be on the go at events selling and still have customers buying your product online.

As a vendor, i am sure you are use to handing out your name cards to all that pass by or visit your booth? Well, when someone gets your name card there’s no guarantee you would get in touch with them, but with this add order feature, would can also key in customers details so you could use if for future promotion sharing and email blast.

On the other hand this feature is not just about adding orders.You can also list your stock beforehand so that when you go out to sell at an event or bazaar, you can keep track of all your sales, discounts given to each customer.You can also change your selling price as you wish on the day of the event.Lastly you may also key in notes at the note section. For an example you are at a baby expo, you may key in the event name and additional details.

Not just for on ground event!

This feature also is great for when you have a huge customer base that is constantly sending you Whatsaap orders. Instead of just jotting down orders in a book or paper that you might loose, this add order feature works great for locking in all orders immediately.

                                                                create new order dashboard

This is how the dashboard looks like. Doesn’t it look like a cashier machine, just that its a digital one? So this is where you would actually add in your products and you will also see a list of products that you already have which you can select to and add to the order.

So this is where you get to change your selling price and key in the new price for that particular order.You can also select or change the status of an order from Pending, Processing to Shipped.
In the Note section, you can key in details about an order for future reference.

At this dashboard you will be able to see all your orders and status and keep track as well.

This feature is really useful for offline on-ground selling especially during Bazaars or Carnivals. Have a hassle free event and have time to mingle and get more customers.

How to use this feature?
Follow the step-by-step tutorial here:
If you would like to use this feature for your store or would like to get your FREE store, kindly visit:

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