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February 4, 2015 8:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts
As an online seller, one of the most tedious task is managing online orders as they are many different steps involved in fulfilling an order while keeping your inventory in check
At Square, we’ve simplified this process for you at the Orders tab
When viewing the Orders tab, you can color code the orders you receive based on their statuses to make it easier to categorize your orders for quick reference
For example, Shipped orders are marked in green while Pending orders are marked in yellow
To change the status and the color of an order, click the box in the status column and choose the selected status from the drop down
You can also expand each order to view more details by clicking on the (+) sign located next to the order ID number
Once expanded, you’ll be able to view more information about the order and shipping details of the customer

Once you’ve fulfilled the order, you can update the customer with their tracking number by filling in the box in the tracking number column and clicking Save. The customer will then receive an email with the tracking number

For future references or book keeping purposes, you can also print the invoice of your orders by selecting Print Invoice from the dropdown in the Action column to keep track of all your online orders

A pop-up of your digital invoice will appear and once you click on Print Invoice, your printing options on your laptop/desktop will appear for you to select your preferences
We hope these features will be helpful for you to manage your online orders easily and keep track of your online orders history. Let us know what you think!

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