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Just like window shopping at a mall, you walk around try something you like then leave. People do that to when they shop online. But most people actually add products they are interested in to their shopping cart, then leave it there and give it some thought before buying or some just don’t buy at all.


Consumers use the shopping cart in a number of different ways. A basket abandoned today might not be the lost sale you think it is. Here are some reasons why people abandon their cart.

  • It could be that buying your product may be a household decision, they’ve done the initial research and now need their partner’s opinion before purchasing.
  • They had every intention to buy, but something important came up and they will be back tomorrow.
  • Shopping cart being used as a wish list and they will buy when they are ready.
  • Probably scouting around for the cheapest price and found it in another site.
  • They’ve decided to visit the physical store and have a look at the real item before coming back to buy it online (This usually is the case for clothing’s as they would wanna be sure of the sizes).

How to overcome this?

Make sure your online store you are using has a page that collects customers information when they checkout. This would give you a higher chance of collecting customers database for future use and follow up.  

So if you don’t have their info then there’s not much you can do other than hope your online marketing attracts them to come back.

If you look back at the list of abandonment issues, most of them are about timing. These customers don’t need a discount to get them back! All they need is just a friendly reminder. So if you’ve got their email, you can send them a follow up email, like a reminder, informing them of their items in their shopping cart.

The first email you send is the most powerful and important one. Try to send this email as soon as the cart is abandoned but try not to do it immediately as you would want to give some space for them to think and not seem forceful. Include in it as much information about the cart as you can including the products in it.

For example, AVANA will automatically send your customers an email reminder the next day if they have added item(s) to their cart but did not make the purchase. And if the customers has keyed in their info you would be able to download their info and do a follow up. Another amazing thing is, we also have feature where you can download your customers Facebook ID if they commented on your product posts before. You can use this to do re-targeting for your Facebook ads by creating custom audiences.

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