Fewer Facebook Page Posts on News Feed – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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Hey sellers,

Most of you may have heard about Facebook’s recent announcements regarding the declining reach for Facebook pages – but what does this mean for your business and what can you do about it?

What does this mean?

Facebook has always been about building communities and improving the experience of connections between users. As a business owner, your content should contribute to growing communities instead of using Facebook as a classified listing

Here are the “strategies” that will no longer have meaningful impact for your Facebook page:
• Only promoting products and services with no ecommerce funnel
• Not replying to all comments and posts in a conversational manner
• Using shortcuts or 3rd party solutions to quickly gain followers or promises of overnight instant engagement or followers
• Not producing content in other mediums such as videos, gifs etc
• Trying to “game” the system by creating multiple Facebook pages, profiles, ad accounts and so on

What can you do?

Now, don’t worry, because here are solutions that you can work on to improve your Facebook page’s performance:
• Build an ecommerce funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion)
• Create custom audiences for each layer of the funnel
• Create content that creates conversations between the user and your brand (just like how you engage with your friends) that is specific for each layer of the funnel
• Invest in building Facebook groups to engage with your users on a more personal level

Just like how you would scroll through social media to stay updated with friends and relevant topics, your customers too, want the same experience because honestly, no one goes on Facebook to see ads

One viral video alone does not make create a sustainable brand with constant stream of sales

Today, a brand is built on a strong community. Build your community and Facebook will work for your business better than ever


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