Facebook Canvas Ads For Your Business

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I’m sure as an online seller most of you would have already tried running ads on Facebook. Basic ads like using single images or multiple images. But have yall heard of canvas ads?

Facebook Canvas lets marketers combine images, video, text, and call-to-action buttons in a single, fully immersive mobile ad experience. Canvas is a fullscreen experience for mobile devices that anyone can use. It can be used with all Facebook ad formats. Canvas can also be built with ready-to-use templates, which streamline and simplify the creation process, or it can be customized according to your branding guidelines.

Canvas can be used on both Facebook and Instagram to meet all business objectives and creative requirements.

Benefits of CANVAS

  • Simple to create with templates or use the advanced Canvas builder for custom experiences.
  • Loads instantly and engages attention.
  • A curated experience that highlights the content important to your audience.
  • Works with all media types – photos, videos, text, and links.

Today I’m going to guide you through the most basic and easiest way to make your canvas ads.

1. Create Ads

Go to your Adverts Manager and click on create ads just like how you run your usual campaigns or ads.

2. Choose Marketing Objective

Choose an objective that supports Canvas, such as Traffic or Conversions. Name your campaign for your own reference and click next.

3. Fill Audience & Targeting Details

Choose your ad’s audience depending on who you want to target. Fill in placements, budget, and schedule just like all your other ads and click next.

4. Add A Full-Screen Experience

Select the ad format that you prefer. The ad format you choose determines which templates are available. Then select the box “Add a full-screen experience”.

5. Choose Your Template

In this section, you may use advance Canvas Builder to customize your own template to follow your own branding guidelines. You can also choose the given templates if you want a simpler way.

Example:  “Showcase Your Business”

So when you choose a template all you need to do it, slot in images or videos accordingly.

Cover image or video – here you can either choose to have a video that you have prepared for your business or you can simply just use an image you have designed. This section can be used more for branding, like placing your logo or brand.

Text – Then add in some text explaining about your business and what products or services that you offer.

Image or video – Here you can use an eye-catching video or image, or create a slideshow using up to 10 photos or video stills. Something that shows what your business offers.

Carousel – In this section, you can upload 2-8 images to show them in a carousel format. If images are not the same size, they will be cropped to match your first image. Maybe showcase the top products that you want to highlight. Bellow this you can insert your website URL to direct customers to your website.

You can continue to add images, videos, and text accordingly.

Button – Give people an action to take, like a CTA (call to action) to either signup, buy, learn more etc.

Once you have all the section completed, then you can click on the “Preview On Mobile” to view the end result of your work. Then click on done and your canvas will be saved.  Then make sure to finish filling up the remaining part of the ads and you are ready to run your canvas ads.

Here is an example of Facebook Canvas Ads:

** Do drop us a comment if you have any questions that we have not covered here. We will be more than happy to reply them.

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