Reach the Right Customers by Applying Discovery Commerce in Your Online Business

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Shopping is always about the thrill of the hunt, with many consumers actively looking and discovering products they don’t need or want. This journey paves the way for the future of shopping, with brands guiding the buyer towards the products.

For instance when your consumers scroll through social media. They don’t have any intention to buy products. However, with the future of discovery commerce, whenever the consumers visit social media without a defined purpose, they are open to being pleasantly surprised by exploring an online catalog or receiving suggestions. 

Combine your Facebook Ads with discovery commerce to reach more potential customers. By using Lookalike Audience Targeting, you can tap on the exact customers with the intention to purchase your product. Brands can also track them with Facebook Pixel to do remarketing and increase conversions. With this seamless shopping experience, your brand can lead consumers to take an interest in your brand and learn about your company and the rest of your catalog.

The use of Discovery Commerce would help to shape your business operation and make data-driven decisions based on your Performance Marketing data. Utilizing this tool would also help you to predict the future, make necessary adjustments to your business and grow beyond.

Excellent discovery commerce solutions are provided by companies like AVANA, which have raised the usage of social commerce platforms for Social and Medium Enterprises (SME) in South East Asia. AVANA Platform is also integrated with FB solutions to give SMEs the best of both worlds on one single platform. Having helped 100,000+ businesses to sell across online channels with Discovery Commerce, AVANA is the next-generation platform that redefines how commerce looks like in the future. 

AVANA platform enables our customers to…

Understand your audience better with Facebook Pixel: Run the right ads to the audience that are probably who are more likely interested with your product by analyzing the insight from Facebook Pixel that have been installed in your eCommerce website.

Gain new customers by finding a new market for your business with Look Alike Audience: Reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers. They’re people that reacted to your Facebook Page posts, purchased products on your website or visited your shop.

Use Facebook Catalog to sell seamlessly across platforms to website and Facebook Shop: Upload your products to Facebook Catalog and now you can advertise or sell your product on your eCommerce website and Facebook. Your customers see the correct item information and prices for their language or country.

Seamless sign up/sign in into your account with Facebook Login: Save more time with one-click Facebook Login; you don’t need to retype your email and password and you can quickly and easily log in across mobile and desktop devices.

Monitor your ads in Facebook Ads Manager to your potential customer with Facebook Custom Audience: Manage your multiple ads at once and view your ads performance in one platform. So you can maximise remarketing ads to the audience that engaged with your ads previously.

It’s time for you to bring your brand forward by starting taking action on this new opportunity today. Now you can be a more efficient and effective seller to sell your products across various online platforms. Please don’t hesitate to reach us out to grow your online business.

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