BASICS: How To Create Facebook Ads

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When it comes to setting up Facebook Ads, you have to be sure of your Objectives and Target Audience.

Make sure to know what is your end goal of this ads. Is it for Awareness, Consideration or Conversion? Craft your ads content accordingly to fit either one of the objectives above.

Here are the basic important steps to creating a Facebook Ad

1. Firstly log into your facebook account and then click here Adverts Manager.Select your campaign or marketing objective that you wish to run.

2. Put in a Campaign name so it’s easy for you to refer and track campaigns.


3. Always put in an ad set name, this is so you can differentiate between ad sets. Ad sets are different sets of ads within the same campaign. The difference between each ad sets is usually the target audience.


4. If you already have a custom audience list saved, then you can just select it here. Also, make sure to select Location & Age range. As for Gender and Language, you may leave it as it is or adjusts it if you need to specifically target a certain gender or language.


5. As for detailed targeting, you can type in who exactly you want to target based on demographics, interest, and behavior. As you type out certain audience Facebook will also have some auto-suggestions that will show up while you type to help you with choosing your audience.  You can also click on the tab “ Save this Audience” so you can use this same set of the audience next time.

As for connections, you may use it to reach people who have a specific kind of  connection to your Page, app or event. This will narrow your audience to include on people with that specific connection who also meet the other targeting categories that you’ve selected. So you can either use this section or you can just leave it.


6. In the Placement section, you can decide where your ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network. Automatic Placements is so your ads will be shown to your audience in a place that it’s likely to perform best. You can also select Edit Placements to select manually where you want your ads to show.


7. In the budget & Schedule section, you can set the amount you wish to spend for this particular ad and also schedule the time you want to run it and date. So once you got this sorted you can click NEXT to continue with the following steps.You can select to create an ad or use an existing post that you have published earlier on Facebook to run your ads.


8. At the Format section, choose how you would like your ad to look like and then put in images that you have already prepared for your ads. You can then add in text, links, and headlines to your ads. You may also select a CTA (Call to Action) if you want to.

Once you have it all in place hit the Confirm button and you are good to go.


  • Make sure that image sizes meet the size that is suggested there.
  • Facebook also has a 20% text rule. This means they only allow 20% text in your ad images. You can use CHECK IMAGE to test the percentage out.


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