AVANA: How To Run Online Promotions

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Malaysians love the words promotion, discounts, sales & free! Don’t we all? As an online business owner, running promotions can easily direct more traffic to your page, and bring in more sales.

Tips to run promotions/discounts/sale:

  • Make customers feel exclusive and appreciated, offer them a welcome discount
  • Offer them a FREE gift when they spend more than RM100
  • Offer a discount when they spend more than certain amount ( Eg: Spend RM100 and get RM10 discount)
  • Have seasonal or festive sales ( Eg: Year end sales, Raya sales, Christmas sales, Back to school sales, Mothers Day sales etc)

Now you can use AVANA to help you easily run promotions & offers.


AVANA Promotions and Offers Tools

1. Here we’re gonna show you how to use the Promotion Tool.

You can either upload a new product for running a sales, or edit your previous products and enable the sale button. Once you have enabled and put in the promotion price click SUBMIT, and it will be updated on both Facebook Store and Webstore.

Malaysians always love the word SALE/ PROMOTION/DISCOUNT so try this to capture their attention. Once you have your items listed, and sales price up – share it out on your business to notify your followers.

Webstore – below image is how it will display on your webstore


Facebook Store -below image is how it will display on your Facebook Store


2. How to use Coupon Code

So as for coupon codes, you can use to give them to either new customers or for every purchase made.On your dashboard, on the left side under Marketing, you will see Coupon Code.

So once you click on Coupon Code, click on > Add Coupon > Fill in details as bellow

You will need to fill in all the details above, you can choose to put your coupons in percentage or value depending on what’s your preference. Once you have done the above, just put that coupon code into your welcome email, welcome Facebook message, or just post it up on your Facebook page.

Customers always love a good coupon code, who doesn’t? Almost everyone goes on google to search for coupon codes before doing their shopping.

Use this to:

  • Bring in new customers by offering a first time user voucher
  • Gift your old customers a thank you voucher for purchasing, give them a coupon for their next purchase.
  • Seasonal voucher, to drag in traffic ( eg: christmas, back to school, year end)

3. How to use Messenger Blast to promote

So if you don’t already know, Messenger blast allows you to send instant messages such as promotional offers and new updates to customers you’ve interacted with via Facebook Messenger.So as long as you have interacted with someone on your business page, they would get this updates.

So in the copy of your message you can:

  • Mention the promotion/sale you are currently having
  • Voucher code for those that have interacted with you
  • Shutout on new products


This is how the message would roughly look like when your customers receive it.



So if you have not tried this, give it a go! If you are not already on AVANA, try now > http://bit.ly/AVANA_Prmotions

How to use AVANA ?

English Tutorial > http://bit.ly/ENG_Tutorial

BM Tutorial > http://bit.ly/BM_Tutorial

AVANA Tutorials > http://bit.ly/AVANA_Knowledgebase

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