9 Online Business Mistakes Not To Make During Ramadhan

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So we have stepped into Ramadhan month! The holy month for all Muslims and also a month to prepare before Raya.

Consumer behaviors have already started to change based on this fasting month. Consumers have already started to browse in search of essential items for the fasting month and also for Hari Raya.

This is the best time for online sellers to have already begin to do their online promotions and sales. Many online sellers sometimes focus on one particular thing and tend to forget or miss many important things to be done during this period. Below we have gathered some important mistakes not to be made during this season.

9 Mistakes Not To Make:

It is important to have a website for your business. This allows you to collect data and review statistic on what’s working and what is not. By using Facebook pixel and google analytics you can get data such as visitors, behavior, shopping cart abandonment and more.

This information can then be used to run your ads and to target the right audience. AVANA has Facebook Pixel feature and Google Analytics feature that is simple to set up with just a few clicks.

During a festive season, it’s always good to have a theme. This will also get your customers into the festive mood and encourage them to start preparing for the celebration.

Try using a theme that goes with Ramadhan for all your postings and ads.

Ramadhan month can be a hectic month for many sellers. From having to fast and to cope with all the incoming sales.

Make sure you do a proper stock count. Always be prepared during this period, make sure to prepare extra stock of your products beforehand so you won’t face any shortage.

Many online still don’t do pre shoutouts before running a promotion or campaign. This is important so you keep your customers informed and they are aware and waiting to grab that deal or promotion you are about to have.

Make sure to always run an awareness post before the actual promotion starts, this gives customers a headstart and something to look forward to.

Ramadhan conversation on Facebook starts as early as April. So take this advantage to grab customers attention before others do. Start sharing tips, pre-promotion shoutouts and products postings earlier itself. Always make sure to have pre postings and after postings.

Also, many sellers thing that they should stop their promotions and campaigns at the last week of Ramadhan. Don’t! People are actually still shopping even till July, so continue to run your ads or campaigns post Ramadhan if you want to contimue making sales.


Facebook Canvas ads brings great mobile experiences for people and doing so also opens up new creative possibilities for sellers like yourself to bring your products or services to life.

Instead of cracking your head on how to make a video or to put together an awesome video, by using Facebook Canvas ads all you need to do it pick a template and insert visuals and text, and you are good to go.

During this busy month, you tend to get a lot of inquiries from customers. Make sure to have a designated person that will be handling all these incoming inquiries, as you would be busy with orders and delivering orders. A good customer service keeps your customers happy and this will also lead to good word of mouth.

8. Not running Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

With dynamic ads, you can automatically promote relevant items from your entire catalog on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Rather than creating an ad for every product you want to promote, you create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your catalog for the products you’d like to promote.

Doesn’t this just makes online selling so much easier? Yes, it does!

This feature is great especially if you have a lot of products, so you don’t have to waste time and money running ads for each product on its own. Facebook will also show the products that the visitors viewed before, automatically.

It’s really easy to set up Facebook Dynamic ads if you are on AVANA. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.

If you want to create hype, drive in sales and give your customers something to be excited about, then you have to give some kind of discounts. Malaysians especially love discounts and sales.

So take advantage of this and give them something to be excited about and to want to shop your products or services.

We hope that this tips will help you do better this Ramadhan season and every other festive season to come.


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