8 Ways To Strengthen Your Buying Trigger

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According to Sifu FB Ads, 99% of our buyers in Malaysia usually do shopping using their emotions. What does this mean? This is when a buyer sees an ad that actually states the problem they are facing and has a solution to it, these ads would relate to that shopper and therefore make that person more inclined to buy that product or service. 

What is a buying trigger? It’s an event that causes a buyer to have a clear need, which usually converts into a sense of purpose and urgency in their buying process. For an example, your house gets robbed and you realize you need a good security camera and system. So you don’t need to manipulate them into buying. You just need to give them what they want, understand your customers and know their triggers so you can utilize them into your marketing content.

Here are 8 ways to strengthen your buying trigger:

1. Testimonial

The most common way customers reviews. For example, if it is a  beauty product, the seller would put a picture of a before and after of their customer. Sharing a screenshot of good reviews or even a short video interview is good, depending on your ability and budget.

2. Pictures

Make sure to have good and high-quality images or videos for your campaign or ads. Good images capture peoples attention easily.

3. Engagement

A business with good engagement makes selling easier. People like when a business is actively sharing and engaging, like having a contest and sharing on their page. This builds more trust with your followers thus leads to them buying from you.

4. Paid Review

Another way to strengthen the trigger is to do a paid reviews. Target some famous Instagrammer, give them your products to try and share on their social media to drag in more buyers for you.

5. Credibility

Share updates and live images of what’s going on behind the scenes of your business. Let your customers see what’s really happening, that your business is real. Maybe some images at your warehouse or while you are at work packing items out for postage. This will strengthen trust with your followers.

6. Social Proof

You have to be consistent with your social media sharing, you have to respond to comments and customers inquiries promptly. This will keep customers happy and pleased.

7. Easy & Quick

Act efficiently to win your customers. Be quick to respond to your customers. Make their shopping experience with you an easy one, this will bring in more long-term and repeat customers.

8. USP (Unique Selling Point)

Each business has a different USP depending on your products and services. Think about what makes your product different from others and use that to run promotions and campaigns.

Hope this helps you with your next ads or campaign to bring in customers for your online business.

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