7 Ways To Lose Customers

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Keeping customers happy or satisfied is a huge challenge almost all online sellers face. It’s never easy to please people. Having a good product alone is never good enough, many other things play a big role such as customer service, customers trust and more. Here is a list of things that will surely make you lose customers.


1. Fake Products

Selling fake products or products that don’t match the image or description you give is very misleading and will surely not just make customers angry but also lead them to give bad reviews. Bad reviews will surely lead to losing customers and also leave a very bad rating for your brand or name.

2. Overpriced

Online shopping is common nowadays, customers are sure to do their research to compare price before buying a product. So if you put a price that is way to high compared to other sellers, you are sure to lose out on your customers. You don’t need to hike up a product price too much, make sure you do your research and charge accordingly. Always remember, if customers think your price is good they will always return.

3. Bad Product Quality

Many cases I’ve seen myself online, some sellers are actually selling products that are of bad quality. They state otherwise in their description but send customers bad products. By doing something like this, sellers are sure to lose customers trust and will not have any return customers.

4. Bad Customer Service

One of the key points of a good business is good customer service, this is a key to happy and returning customer. Always remember to put your customers first, always listen if they have a complain or are upset. Always respond to them politely, never be rude or shut them off. Even if your customer is wrong, calmly talk and solve the issue.

5. Bad Delivery Service

This is another key point for an online business, a good and prompt delivery service. Make sure to deliver your good to your customers in the stated time. If your description says 3 working days, make sure they get it then. Never keep your customers waiting long, this will only lead to you losing out on them.

6. No Timely Respond To Inquiries

This is also another important point for an online business. People always return to a seller that communicates well and response on time. It’s a big turn off when customers have to wait for a response for hours or days unless you state it somewhere ( eg: Thank you for your message, we will respond within a day). Never keep your customer waiting and having to constantly message and remind you to reply.

7. No Proper Shopping Platform

Not all customer will trust just buying from your Facebook Page or Instagram account unless they have already been buying from you for a while now. To gain customers trust is not easy, thus if you have a website or a facebook shop, customers will feel more secure making a purchase. This is because having a platform would make your business look more professional and not dodgy. Also, having a platform for customers to shop allows them to have more payment options compare to them buying from your page which means they would need to bank in cash and don’t have an option to use a credit card or online banking which is preferred by many.

So make sure to take note of all the points above and not make those mistakes when selling online. Don’t take chances that might lead you to lose customers trust.


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