E-Commerce: 7 tips to keep your existing customers happy!

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Keep your existing customers happy.
It’s not easy when it comes to selling a product to someone unknown unless there is a level of trust. This level of trust comes in many ways:
  • When the buyer knows the seller directly
  • When the buyer constantly sees your customers positive reviews/feedback
  • Through recommendation
  • When a buyer constantly follows your social feeds/updates that might be convincing enough
So from this you can see that getting your buyers to trust you does not always happen overnight. It take time and effort and most important constant communication. Just because someone has already bought your product doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship with them. Yes, every business does need new customers, but never forget that the source of a new revenue is right under your nose.
That’s right ! Your old customers are the most easiest source as it comes from the loyalty they have of already knowing your product or service. It does really cost a lot more to gain new customers, and a repeat customer actually spends much more buying your product then a new one. Thus, old customers bring new prospects. They usually tend to recommend or introduce your product to their family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.
7 Ways to Follow

1.Don’t loose your Facebook followers. Many merchants have complained that when they had a good fan base on Facebook and made their customers purchase on a different website, the chance of getting a sale was lower. Why? It’s because of the extra step they needed to take of logging into a different website and purchasing. People want it easy these days. With AVANA e-commerce store, it allows your customers to buy directly from your Facebook page without having to leave it.

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2.Always think lifetime value, not transactional value. Keep your customers coming back, for example; for second purchase onward which is above RM50 ,receive a RM5 voucher on your next purchase. This keeps your customers happy and a higher chance of a next or constant purchase.

3.Giving complementary products or services. Put a little thought into what your customers are buying and the other needs that those purchases might trigger (think printers/ink cartridges).  

4.Stay in touch. Check up or send emails to your customers from time to time to make sure you don’t lose that relationship. It was not easy building that trust you have with them now, so don’t loose it and always keep them in your radar.

5.Hear them out. Always ask your customers opinion and feedback. This helps you learn more of what your customers want and how to better your product or service.

6.Reminders. Never assume that even your most reliable customers are completely aware of all the products and services you offer: you need to remind them regularly.


7.Create incentives for referrals. People always love being rewarded or getting something extra, offer your customers a discount or voucher when they refer a new customer. This would create a hype and would encourage them to bring more.
Always remember the saying ” Old is Gold”. Keep them happy and they will return.

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