6 Powerful Ways To Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Growing your Social Media Audience 2.0

We hope that our last post in this series gave you some basic but important tips for your social media growth. In this post, we will be sharing with you six more points on helping you grow your social media platforms and business.

1. Cross-promote your social accounts.

Do you have a large number of your customers following you on one account? If yes, then get your customers to connect with you on another.  This is as simple as posting a shout out on your Facebook asking them to follow you on your Instagram account too. Also look for opportunities to link from one social account to another. Pinterest, for example, will allow you to link to Twitter and Facebook.

2. Using your Facebook page to ‘like’ other pages.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your photo at the top right of your Facebook dashboard, which gives you the option of using Facebook as your page by selecting it from the list which allows you to ‘like’ other Facebook pages as your page and comment on them. Find pages that your target audience usually engage in and communicate with them using with your page.

3. Open your profile up to Facebook followers.

Enable your Facebook settings to allow others to follow your personal profile so that any public updates you share will be shared with your followers in the news feed without you having to accept them as a friend. This will help you grow an audience that you can use when promoting your business and still maintain privacy on your account.  

4. Participate in Facebook groups.

Start engaging in groups on Facebook related to your niche. Join groups that your target audience would be interested in, join them and start engaging in the discussions and do some sharing.

5. Follow others on Instagram.

When you follow other people on Instagram, they will be notified and there’s always a chance of being followed back. Use hashtags to help find your target audience, then follow them and start engaging by liking and commenting on their post.

6. Use hashtags on Instagram.
Make sure to always use hashtags in your caption when posting photos or videos, as Instagram users are very likely to use hashtags to find visual content on a specific topic. This would make your chances of being followed by other users higher.

We hope that this simple steps would help make a difference in your Social Media growth.

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