6 Easy Solutions For Your Online Business

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As an online seller, I’m sure, you face a lot of obstacles from starting up, marketing, having a platform and more. AVANA is an online platform that has multiple features to help ease your online selling experience. Below is a list of solutions that AVANA can provide for your online business.

1. Manage Sales & Customers Infomation

AVANA has simplified dashboard that allows you to manage everything within the dashboard itself. From tracking sales, stocks, invoices and customers information. When your customers make a purchase, our system will automatically send them an email with their purchase details like price, tax and posting charges. All you need to do is just key in the correct information for the system to do so. All information keyed in by customers during their check out will be compiled into an excel. All you need to do is download it and you can have a record of your customer’s information that can be used for future marketing of followups.

2. Product & Inventory Management

With AVANA, you can key in all your inventories. Just key in all your stocks for each item you want to sell and the system will keep track of your stock count for you. AVANA also has product categories and variations, which allows you to also key in stock according to those categories and variations. There is also an amazing feature that allows you to run promotions and generate coupon codes to give to your customers for your promotional campaigns.

3. Business Manager

AVANA has this great feature that allows you to add in business partners or co-workers to your shop. By just keying in their email, you give them access to manage your shop for you but of cause not full access to it. They can also help you with overall managings like uploading products, running promotions, stock keeping and more.

4. Multiple Payment Gateway

As an online seller, you would want to make your customers buying experience smooth and easy. AVANA provides you with multiple payment gateways that would suit all your customers. Your customers can easily use their credit card, debit cards, online payments or direct transfer.

5. Buy On Facebook With Just A Click

AVANA is Facebook integrated, and this allows your customers to buy directly from your Facebook shop with just a click. By using AVANA, you will have a “SHOP NOW” button that when customers click on will show all your products.

6. Your Own Webstore

With AVANA, you will also have an online store that is exclusively for your business. This webstore is also managed through your dashboard. All products you upload or promotions you run on your dashboard automatically syncs with your webstore. It also have many templates you can choose to customize your webstore look.

So wait no more and try AVANA for your online business. Save time and efford!


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