E-Commerce: 5 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store

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As an e-commerce business, it is important to grow your followers. The more followers you have, the more likely they are to turn into your customers. Unlike a physical store, there are always new potentials that walk by and shop. But as an online store, you would need to put in the effort and strategic ways to attract people to your online store.


1) Have a web address that actually makes sense.

It’s important that you take some time to come up with an e-commerce website address (URL). Why? This is to make sure it’s easy for customers to remember, it stands out from the crowd and communicates your brand’s message. Make sure your web address is the same as your company name, or include it.


2) Put it out there.

Make sure to have your e-commerce website address or Facebook store name on your business cards, existing brochures, advertising materials and company letterhead. Wherever you promote your company name, promote your web address as well.


3) Make sure to utilize SEO.

If you’ve got an online store, you need to be doing search engine optimization (SEO). This is a must! SEO will help your website to be featured prominently on search engines like Google.

AVANA Store is integrated with your Facebook page and has an SEO feature, this feature allows you to get your store to show as a top result on Google and other search engines. With just two simple steps you are good to go. Just fill in your web store description under the SEO section, and fill in all the keywords that your customers might use to find your products or services. DONE!

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4) You must spend on marketing.

There is no way you can avoid spending on marketing! Every business has to have some budget for marketing. Especially if your business is online, Facebook ads work really well when you use them correctly. Make sure to do some research on your target audience.

Do some research on:

-Who your customers are

-What are their age range

-Which areas/city/country you are going to target

-What sort of behavior or interest your customers have


Learn more on Facebook ads at > http://bit.ly/Ads_Facebook


5) Join in blogs/forums.

Places like forum and blogs constantly have discussions on certain topics or that certain thing. Find something related to your product and participate responsibly and provide genuinely helpful advice & tips and therefore you can get the chance to talk about your company, products, and offerings which tie’s it all back to your business.

If the sharing and tips were helpful, people are sure to ask you more about what you do and your business and this will be really great to pull traffic.


NOTE: Make sure to read up the terms and conditions of each site and abide by them.

Good luck and hope this tips would help bring in some new revenues to your business.


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