5 Tips To Run Promotion This Year End Season

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Malaysians start shopping as early as October and this continues till February as proven by Facebook statistics. So this is important to take note and make sure you have everything prepared beforehand every year. Plan your year end well. Put important dates down in your calendar like Merdeka, Deepavali, Christmas, Year End/ New Years, Back to school and etc. This will help you be well prepared for year end and to run promotions appropriately.

Build your brand before shopping starts. Brand building and trust can influence Malaysians’ choices in online shops, leading to better results. But since we are already pass that as it’s into December already, we shall look into running promotions for this festive season.

1. Give out voucher codes

Create a voucher/discount code to be given to your customers. Create an urgency, for example; Use voucher code YearEnd10 and get RM 10 off when you spend more than RM60. Applicable to first 15 customers.

This will show and urgency and customers would rush in to be the first 15, but you can actually allow all your customer to be entitled for the voucher.

You can try using AVANA’s coupon code feature to run this.


2. Run a Carousel advert to promote multiple products

Carousel adverts let you use multiple images to show more products or tell a story. You can also use each image in the advert to link to a different product page on your website, making it easier for customer to go directly to the item they want to purchase. By running Carousel adverts , you can run one promotion for multiple products.

Example: You have 10 products. You put in all your products images in one post, and the content says “ Christmas sales, 20% off on all items below”.


3. Contest & Giveaways

Let your customers know you value their business. Give them something they are likely to use, like some home appliances or for work. Structure your contest clearly and with some festive theme and not impossible to win. This will also create a hype and good engagement on your page.

Facebook also provides an easy contest sheet you can use to run contest.


4. Messenger Blast Shout out

Sending reminders and updates on your current promotions are good, but not everyone likes to be spammed with messages. So with AVANA’s messenger blast feature you can actually craft a message with an image and blast it out to customers that have interacted with you on messenger.

If you’re not using AVANA then you may just manually send a message to all on your messenger but that will be really time consuming as you won’t be able to blast to all at one go.

NOTE: For those using the messenger feature, make sure to have your Messenger Bot feature enabled first thing when you set up to be able to use this messenger blast feature. Remember, those that interact with you after turning on this feature will only fall under the messenger blast option.


5. Run a limited time offer

When you run an offer for a limited time frame, this will show more urgency for your customers to take action. Make sure to put in a time frame that is not to long and also for a limited amount or people or purchases.

Example: Get this perfume at 50% off TODAY ONLY , applicable to the first 10 customers.


So I hope this post will help you bring in more sales for this festive month and more to come. Good Luck!

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