Sell Online: 5 tips to help drive more sales this Ramadhan

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Everyone is looking forward to the Raya celebration that’s coming up in May. As an online seller, i’m sure you’re looking forward to it, even more, am I right? Yes, this is the time to make good sales. How can you get the most out of your store this festive season? Here are 5 tips you can try to boost your sales this Ramadhan:


1.Be an early bird

The shopping spree for Raya has already started. Many customers would look for the best deals they can get at this time. There are many sellers that would be giving good online deals before the holidays to get more customers. You need to stand out from the crowd and know what customers will be looking for during this season so you can focus on that. Always start early so you can build awareness.


Come up with an exclusive offer that will only be given during this festive season. For an example, if you usually give 10% discount this time you probably give a 30% discount. An offer they won’t resist. You can also offer free gifts or vouchers upon purchase to encourage them to buy again.


2.Bring in the festive mood

Bring the festive season to live, make sure to theme up your store to the Raya theme. Go green! Let your customer know that you take initiative to drive business during times like this. A little bit of effort goes a long way. People always like when it’s different.


3.Highlight items that are related

If you’re going to boost a post or have an advertisement out for that period, make sure to design it according to the festive theme. Make sure to highlight your festive promotion that you are having or will be having. Also, try having exclusive offers or limited edition items for example, have some baju raya that are exclusive and that will only be sold during this period.


4.Wish them and remind them

Why not surprise your customers with a handwritten card or an e-greeting? Take a more personalized approach while everyone is going digital with their marketing campaigns. This approach would leave your customers with something to remember. You can also insert vouchers and highlight of the month at the bottom of the e-greeting.


5.Make sure to have stock

Make sure to have sufficient stock for the festive month as everyone will be doing their shopping and you would want to make your buyers wait just because you ran out of stock do you? Always ensure to have more stock on items that would sell out easy and especially on your highlighted items of the month. Make sure to always have varieties to cater to different types of customers and wants.

Always treat your online store just like a physical store, drawing traffic in, customer service on the go and ensure that your store is always well stocked with enough products. We hope these simple tips will help increase your sales during this Ramadhan season.

Happy fasting.

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