5 Facts About AVANA Academy

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So what is this AVANA Academy you have all been seeing on our social media?

It is a One-Stop center for an online seller to learn about e-commerce and engage with e-commerce players. Gain access to latest business info, tips, tutorials, and training. AVANA Academy is mainly to help all AVANA sellers grow and better their business.

Gain Access To:

1. Blog (BM and ENG)

Our blog is available in Bahasa and English and it consists of Business Info, Business Tips and new updates on E-Commerce.

2. Programs (Events and Training)

Users can register and see all our upcoming events and training that will be held.

Types of training:

  • Think Ecommerce Think AVANA
  • Sales & Marketing Workshop
  • Social Media marketing workshop
  • Facebook Ads strategy
  • E-commerce Master Class workshop

3. E-book

The E-book will be released every quarterly. This e-book will consist of business knowledge like Facebook Ads and more.

4. Webinar

Our webinar will only be accessible by AVANA Business Plan users. This webinar is to promote self-learning and it’s usually Pre-recorded or live webinar. The general webinars like basic tips on business will be accessible to all users.

5. Partners

This is to highlight who our partners are and see how you can benefit from them. Our partners consist of certified business trainers whom also act as guest authors for our Academy blogs.


Want to see what it’s all about? Visit: http://bit.ly/AVANA_Academy

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