3 Ways To Use AVANA Messenger Blast

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As we all know, Facebook is one of the biggest social platform and it has also become a platform for sellers to sell their products and services. Having said so, many customers prefer sending messages through Messenger for products or service inquiries. Messenger has become a sales tool as well for many online business owners if used the right way.

AVANA Messenger blast feature allows sellers to easily send out messages without having to do it individually. This is a time saver! Below are some tips on how you can use Messenger blast to benefit in sales.

1. New Products Shout out

You can use this Messenger blast to insert an image of your new products and a simplified message with product link to inform your customers on new products.

2. Exclusive Promotions

Run an exclusive promotion for only those that have interacted with your business through Messenger. Let them be the first to know about your online promotions and discounts.

3. Customer Appreciation

Customers love to be appreciated now and then. Run a simple contest to let them win something or even give out discount vouchers to thank them for supporting your business.
There are other ways that you can creatively use Messenger blast for, just think out of the box and be creative.

Also in order to use Messenger Blast feature, make sure to have enabled your Messenger Bot when you do your page setup. When you do this, any communication that happens on messenger after that will be in the list of contact that would receive your messenger blast shout out.


To enable Messenger Bot > http://bit.ly/Messenger_Bot

To set up and use Messenger Blast > http://bit.ly/MessengerBlast


All you need to do one you have setup your messenger is craft a message and attach an image relevant to it and click send. Hope this will help you be more creative in using your messenger from now on and bring in more sales. Good Luck!

Not on AVANA yet? Try it now > http://bit.ly/AVANA_meSsenger

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