3 Steps To Boost Your Online Sales.

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Selling on Facebook has become very convenient in this era. Majority online businesses sell on Facebook as most people spend their time on Facebook nowadays. According to a recent research in the New York Times, an average of 50 minutes is spent by each Facebook user.

Especially in Malaysia, it is a trend or habit where customers like to leave comments on a product post or send private messages to enquire about products or services. Customers do this to gain that trust with sellers and to make sure there is someone behind the scenes that cares to communicate and respond. This is where many Facebook sellers lose their potential customers or repeat customers. Why? Because, you are occupied with daily inquiries, packaging, posting, tracking of sales and so much more that you sometimes drown with all these inquiries that flood your Facebook.

Let me share with you how you can easily tackle these problems and not waste any more time answering to customers comments or messenger anymore. On top of that, this is going to help you boost your sales!

Messenger Store or also known as Messenger Commerce is one of AVANA store feature that invites customers to browse, shop and buy via your Facebook Messenger. So basically with this feature your customers can now view your products and make payment with online banking or credit card within their Facebook Messenger.

For an example, when a customer goes to your Facebook business page, the messenger will automatically pop up and they will be able to see a menu drop down of your products, product categories or services. When they click on a product or service they are interested in, there will be a drop-down option to view Details, Buy or Share that product.

Messenger Blast allows you to send instant messages such as promotional offers and new updates to everyone that has interacted with your Facebook Page. See delivery updates in real time. Re-engage your customers and create new connection and opportunities to promote and sell.

For an example, you want to promote your new product or service, all you have to do is craft out the message and have a nice product image ready. Then at your dashboard just paste the message and attach the image and click on the product you want to promote and hit SEND which will automatically send out a message blast to all those who have interacted with you.

Auto Reply also know as Auto PM lets your Facebook page reply to Facebook comments automatically in less than 10 seconds.Customize the reply message for each product or service post accordingly, this auto-reply can also consist of a payment link.

For an example, when a customer comments PM in a comment, an automated reply will comment back and they would also receive a reply on messenger on the specific product or service with the payment link. So this allows customers to easily see the product info and purchase right away without hesitation.

With these 3 features, you will save more time having to attend to customers personally, how you respond can be personalized so it sounds more human-like and you no longer lose out on getting back to customers or potential customer which automatically drives in more sales for your business. What’s best is, all this can be done in one simple dashboard!

Want this features? Try AVANA

> http://bit.ly/Avana_STORE

> http://bit.ly/STORE_Avana

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