12 Business Tips From IKEA

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IKEA has some great marketing tips that made them stand out and do so well with so many other furniture stores out there.  Let’s see what they did, that helped them grow.

1. Branding

Having a clear identity is key! IKEA’s message of value, ease and maximizing your space is clear and in all their promotional and marketing messages. They are also well known for clean advertising with a few bold colors and images showing immaculate homes with modern, clean decor. If you want your brand to excel, it’s important to have a clear idea of the message you want your brand to send.

2. Members only promotion

Yes, loyalty programme really helps bring in a lot more sales. This is because you get repeat customers. You make your customers happy by giving them a special discount or point they can collect or get after spending. This drives customers to repeat their buying and this automatically increases sales.

3. Big sales

IKEA makes sure to let people know when they are on sales. Putting up banners and posters that are clear and visible is very important. You need to make sure you get your customers attention. Be willing to spend a little money to put up banners or buntings, clear signs like this will lure people.

4. Display how much they save

Do you notice when you walk into IKEA, they always display their promotion items? It would show the original price and also price after discount or how much they save during this promotional period. This would clearly show customers how much they save and this is a really good tactic to drive customers in.

5. Variety

IKEA’s furniture and appliances come in many color variations. This makes it easy for consumers to match items to their homes. By giving your customers more choices and not limiting them too much will help bring in more happy customers.

6. Return policy

IKEA states their return policy on each of their products clearly. By letting your customers know what they are in for from the very begging makes their buying experience better. One good way is by giving them store credit for returned items, this way they are sure to come back and use those credit to buy from you.

7. Smart merchandising

Tell a story of how your products are created. Like IKEA, they always have a story behind every product. This tells customers, how the products were made and how that product would benefit them.

8. Customer service

Make sure to have good customer service. A good customer service person would take time and initiative to answer and see to a customers inquiry.

9. Gift card

Notice how IKEA sells gift cards at their counter, other than selling items that can be given as gifts. Gift cards are also a good way to increase your sales. It’s something that many people find easy to buy as a gift.

10. Payment option

Make sure to have multiple payment options, especially if you have items that can cost a lot. Don’t expect customers to always come in with cash. Try to ease customers buying, give them more options to pay for example; credit card and debit card etc.

11. Installment payment

This is another good way to get your customers buying more from you. If you limit their spending they won’t spend much, so let your customers have an option of paying in installments. Not everyone can afford to spend a big sum so always remember if you make it easy for them, you make it easy for your sales to increase.

12. Online purchase

Majority people like shopping online now, and not everyone has the time to come out to do their shopping. Make sure to have an online store for those that prefer to do their shopping online. Also, make sure your website is mobile friendly as most people use their phones to do their online shopping.

These are some of the tactic used by IKEA to market and bring up sales. Give it a try and see what works best for your business.

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