10 Tips: Promote Your Business Offline And Online

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Every business need to expand at some point. If there’s no expansion then your business won’t grow!

If you want to expand your customer base and increase your revenue, you have to take the time to focus on promoting your business.

Yes, we all know that online promotion works because everyone is now connected online. But then again, it’s not the same for all business. It depends on what kind of business you do, who your target market is and where these group of people usually spend time at.

I know it can be challenging, with so many people shopping online these days, knowing whether to focus on online or offline promotion can also be a challenge. When it comes to promoting your business, both online and offline are equally important to reach more people.

Good new is, there are some great tips and tricks that will help you market in both places and help you figure out what good for your business or not.


How To Promote Offline >

1. Free publicity

Look for local newspapers, radio stations or television networks that would support new businesses or new interesting stories. Use this to publicize your business or products.

2. Media giveaways

Event organizers, radio and television stations are always looking for free products or services to giveaway. Offer to sponsor your products or services in exchange for advertisements and publicity about your company.

3. Brochures/ Pamphlets

Hand out brochures or pamphlet. You can even insert a discount voucher to make things more attractive. Hand out at event areas or liaise with your local newspapers to see how you can insert then into their daily distribution.

4. Low-cost ads

Yes ads can be really expensive but there are many cheaper options. Try looking for newspapers or magazines that goes with your products, and go for the cheapest option of advertising with them. Also you may want to advertise in widely read newspapers to reach a wider audience, but look for the cheapest option that won’t hurt your pocket.

5. Networking

Join in business groups, associations or clubs that are active and that attracts prominent leaders. Get to know new people and widen your circle, you never know you might just meet people who may know potential customers of your business.


How To Promote Online >

6. Social Media

As we all know, businesses are growing rapidly online. Social Media has become the main channel for exposure. Make use of this, engage with future customers, give them tips and valuable content but do not spam them. Join discussions and groups and cross promote your products or services.

7. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are great way to reach out to a more specific audience. You can create an ad so you reach a specific set of people by specifying their age range, interest, location etc. This give you a higher chance of reaching your most suitable customers.

8. SEO

Make sure your website is Search Engine Optimized, this is very crucial for your business to be easily found on Google. Find a SEO service to help you get this fixed or get a website that comes with SEO features. For Example you can try AVANA, it comes with easy SEO setup with just a few clicks.

9. Get Listed

There are several options for you to list your business online. You may also want to register your business online with Google Business, this makes it easier for people to look you up. Also you can list your business on our local business directory

10. Reviews

Get bloggers or public figures with high number of followers to help you with this. Nothing comes free, so give them free products to test out and review it on their social channels.

There are many ways to promote a business, it’s all trial and error to find what suits your business best. Good luck!

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