10 Things to Sell on AVANA other than physical products

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When you think of selling products online, it always automatically comes to mind things like clothing, food, handmade products, beauty products and all other physical products. Bare in mind online selling does not only constrain to selling physical products.

With AVANA you can use many creative ways to sell almost anything and everything. Services, experiences, courses, rentals, and digital downloads are just a few business ideas beyond physical products. Services or other non-products may just become your core business or an add-on to an existing product based business that you are currently running. Products and non-products can be sold side by side in the same AVANA platform.

There are many merchants who user AVANA to sell non-physical products like rental, mobile services, wedding service package, holiday or tour services and a lot more. Now, are you getting the idea?

How to sell services on AVANA? Not a problem, all you need to do it to package your services accordingly. You can list your service by different variations and categories.Your business can offer all of its services by packaging it accordingly. So once a customer buys the package or service they then can call in to make an appointment if needed.


Here are 10 non-physical products to sell on AVANA:

1. Wedding Services

– Wedding Planner

– Wedding Decorator

– Wedding Gown/Suit

2. Photography/ Videography service

– Family Portrait

– Wedding Package

– Photoshoot Packages

– Event Packages

3. Pet Service

– Petsitting

– Dog walking

– House Visit Service

– Grooming

– Daycare

4. Event Planner

– Birthday

– Corporate Events

– Weddings/Engagement

– Entertainment

5. Digital Downloads/ E-book

– Online workshop.

– Online Training Courses.

– Guide books.

– E-learning courses

6. Lessons/Classes/Workshops

– Yoga Classes

– Dance classes

– Personal Training

– Fitness Classes

– Cooking/ Baking classes

– Craft Workshops

– Art Workshops

– Tutoring

7. Rental

– Space rental for events

– Holiday rental

– Props rental

– Gown/ Costume rental

– Car rental

– Float rental

8. Tickets/Vouchers

– Event tickets

– Gift vouchers

– Food vouchers

– Seminar tickets

– Restaurant vouchers

9. Maintenance

– Maid service

– Aircon servicing

– Installation service

– Car cleaning service

10. Other Services

– Catering.

– Mobile service.


These are a few examples of services that you can actually sell on AVANA. Remember to add these details for your services such as:

– Pricing for each package.

– State what service each package would include a breakdown.

– State if they would need to call in for an appointment or if there are any terms and conditions.

– And don’t forget to disable shipping options if you don’t require shipping anything out.


Here are some samples of how to package your services on AVANA

Facebook Store Look




Webstore Look




Just this simple steps and you are ready to put your services online.

Try AVANA for you services > http://bit.ly/AVANA_Services


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